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Yahoo! Ads+Data

Project name: Y! Smart Ads
Requirement: Create rich media ads for web and mobile devices.

Info: Engaging rich media solutions put into action together with smart use of visitor remessaging and retargeting can be an extremely effective technique for both branding and performance. Combining the latest technology with outstanding creativity and immense user reach is the ultimate shortcut to superior performance.

Project name: Yahoo Stream Ads
Requirement: Create ‘Report’ section for Stream Ads platform (UX,guidelines)

Info: Yahoo Ad Manager optimises your ad to appear in personalized content streams and mobile search results pages. Yahoo Stream Ads and Yahoo Image Ads offer native ads that are organic and as engaging as the stories around them. The ads are a more natural, seamless part of the reader’s experience, leading to higher impact for advertisers.

Project name: Yahoo Stream Ads Marketplace Dashboard
Requirement: Create marketplace dashboard for Yahoo Ad Manager platform (UX,guidelines)

Info: Yahoo’s Gemini marketplace for mobile and native ads is the default audience option in the Yahoo self-serve advertising manager. A simplified platform for advertisers to buy and manage native ad products like Stream Ads, Image Ads and sponsored Tumblr posts. Gemini was added to leverage the power of mobile and native advertising together; their native ads are optimized for tablet and mobile devices.

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